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What are Coding Teams?

Experienced and certified medical coders

US-based medical coders dedicated to your facility, available for immediate access.

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Flexible schedule – choose your hours and work as much or as little as you want per day. Work with a highly collaborative team in our virtual office. As a talented medical coder we value you and that’s why we offer competitive rates higher than industry averages.

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For Hospitals

Codebusters’ On-Demand Coding Teams are the most effective way for providers to get their records coded. With the click of a button facilities can instantly access our expert coders, and resolve backlogs before they get out of control like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man – who you gonna call? Codebusters.

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How It Works

Codebusters’ Coding Teams Are:

Teams are designed around each hospital’s coding specialties and record volume.

Our clients range from complex health systems to independent acute care hospitals. We focus on inpatient, outpatient, and ED records.

We charge per record and guarantee the billing accuracy of each record. We cover the setup, training, and management of each team.


Codebusters’ Coding Teams Are:


With instant access to a coding team you can prevent backlogs before they begin. We manage and train each team on the ins and outs of your specific organization.


Our coding teams are customized to your hospital’s needs. We can take on full or partial department outsourcing, become a fill-in program for short and long term leaves, or just come to your aid in the hard times when deadlines are looming.


Per-record billing guarantees an efficient billing cycle that is easy to predict, easy to understand, and easy to manage.


There is no cost to set up a coding team. Since we bill per record, we only charge you for work performed, and you are not charged for any error that affects billing.

Diversity Commitment

NMSDC LogoCertified as a Minority Business Enterprise by the NMSDC, Codebusters believes that embracing diversity and practicing inclusiveness makes us stronger together.

Learn more about our policies by following the link below.

Our Diversity Policy

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